Web Frame Card with authentication


on the main page of OHAB I would like to use widget “Web Frame Card” but the web site is protected by login/password.

I’m trying to put the URL as following:

but unfortunately the parameters in the URL (log/pass) are not accepted and OHAB asking me for login and password :frowning:
How to configure URL to the page protected by log/pass?

There is nothing unusual about OH’s web frame card, so this is just a standard html question. Much of this is going to depend on the web page you are trying to log into, so you really are better off working through the support for that web page.

That said, html does not support setting user and password via query parameters, but if your page is using basic authentication, then it should support something like https://username:password@your.page.url

Unfortunatelly in this way - it doesn’t works too :frowning: