Web UI for OH2 with Rest API

Hi I was thinking to may be upgrading to OH2 but right now my house is control by android tab with a custom web UI. My web UI control openhab by Javascript and the REST API

I know that OH2 have a REST API but i can’t find if it’s the same thing or if i will need to rebuild my Web UI

Also i don’t really like my WEB UI it have a lot of bug but i like that i can add everything i want in it (ex : i put a button that show a screensaver or a I make my own colour picker for my led because it’s control by Harmony and Harmony binding don’t support colour picker.) Is the any cool and easy to edit and custom UI for OH2 ?


There are significant differences but they are primarily in the format of the URLs and the fact that the way we used to be able to send a command using an HTTP GET is no longer supported. When you install OH, you have the option to install the REST API Docs which provides an interactive guide for all of the API. IMHO it is one of the best docs for an API I’ve ever seen given its ability to construct actual calls into your running OH right there in the docs.

From a UI perspective, OH 2 is the same as OH 1.x.

Hey, haven’t you heard about HABPanel yet?

Only very cursorily. I know it exists. I know it isn’t clear how to backup the configs (from another thread). Beyond that I know nothing. I don’t spend much time on my UIs so exploring it, Basic UI, and CometVisu are still on the list of things to explore.

Guess I need to go learn about it.