Webapps folder is discontinued - howto make files available through HTTP

as the webapps folder has been discontinued in OpenHab2 , is there a nee way to make files available through HTTP?

Well, we can think about bringing it back as an option, there is also already such a feature request: https://github.com/openhab/openhab2/issues/311

The problem with the openHAB 1 webapps folder is that it is a security whole - it is served without considering any authentication, that’s why I removed it.

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But usually it is anyhow much better for the modular approach of openHAB to package anything you would like to serve as an OSGi bundle. Such a bundle can then easily register an internal folder with the web server.

Thanks Kai,
I would vote for bringing back the webapps : it is convenient for serving static pages (documentation, links, help etc)

Hi Kai
Thanks for considering this request and closing the issue in the requested way.
regards Martin

I hope it works for you as expected!

yes, and thanks again