Webaudio connection established after first interaction

I found out that playing an mp3 file via webaudio to an android tablet (chrome browser) is not working after you started the browser and connecting to openhab.
However, after a first interaction like pressing a button the webaudio SSE connection is established and the file is being played.
Did anybody noticed this one too, or could confirm?

Yes every browser does this nowadays but you can usually change this behavior in the Site settings:

See also:

Thanks, but this is not the problem. All these settings are already in place, also “Enable Web Audio sink support” in MainUI.
In OH3.4 this problem did not appear. This (minor) problem appeared after migration to v4.
I noticed that there were some changes to the SSE connection (like reloading button)

What I also noticed and what might be related to this problem: If a connection between client (browser) and server is up for a while, I always have to press a button twice, as if the first button “wakes up” the connection and does not reach the server wheres the subsequent press is executed.

Maybe you can check the Network tab in your browser Development Tools to see what happens with the connections.