Webpage not opening (localhost:8080)

I am able to open localhost:9001 it is showing a repetitive error with binary code appending to null every time and goes to infinite length.

The messages seem to be MQTT related. Did that work before ?

Is this an instance that runs on a PI ? What is being shown when you enter the following command in a linux shell:

sudo netstat -tulpn | grep java

That should show a list of ports that are related to the java process. Port 8080 should be shown as well as long as it is opened/bound to the java process.

No, this script I was testing but after I restart my pi, unable to open webpage(8080)
Yes it is on Rpi 3.

Ran the command here is the output
tcp6 0 0 :::8080 :::* LISTEN 3971/java

There should be more ports listed. As port 8080 is listed it should work. What do you entrt in the browser and what dies the browser tell you?

Yes there are more ports,

Are you able to connect using https and port 8443 ?
Did you check if the local firewall ( in case there is any ) blocks the access ?
The PIs IP address is a fixed one - just to make sure it did not change in the meantime.

@Wolfgang_S , I am able to resolve issue why removing all the scripts and item which is causing issue and also the openhab service was not autostart. Now it is working fine