WebRadio Streaming Server

Hello ,
i search for a streaming server for my denon AVR to stream my two favorite web radios . Because in the meanwhile you must pay for webradio streaming on the denon avr … :weary:

Have someone a hint for a solution which run in docker

Although “Denon AVR” is a bit vague, I’m pretty sure you can use almost any streaming server like daapd, emby, mstream or even plex.(all available for docker)

I add the “Logitech media server” to the list. Despite the name, it is now a community driven and open source software, and openHAB has a binding for it.
I successfuly use it to send webradio from TuneIn via the DLNA functionnality to my Denon AVR-X1500H

And I just thought about it, but maybe you don’t need a third party software.
You could use the openHAB upnpcontrol binding. It has a sink output, and you could use it with an URL.

(I didn’t try it)