WebRadio Streaming Server

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i search for a streaming server for my denon AVR to stream my two favorite web radios . Because in the meanwhile you must pay for webradio streaming on the denon avr … :weary:

Have someone a hint for a solution which run in docker

Although “Denon AVR” is a bit vague, I’m pretty sure you can use almost any streaming server like daapd, emby, mstream or even plex.(all available for docker)

I add the “Logitech media server” to the list. Despite the name, it is now a community driven and open source software, and openHAB has a binding for it.
I successfuly use it to send webradio from TuneIn via the DLNA functionnality to my Denon AVR-X1500H

And I just thought about it, but maybe you don’t need a third party software.
You could use the openHAB upnpcontrol binding. It has a sink output, and you could use it with an URL.

(I didn’t try it)

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I have an X1100 , did you create a script to active the streaming on the AVR ?
My target is to have a switch ( or alexa “Play music” ) and then it power on the avr (shelly plug) and switch to the webradio on the Second Zone.

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I don’t know for the X1100, but with anything upnp, you can totally do this.
(Disclaimer : I don’t know for the second zone either. Can you control it by upnp ?)

You have several options :

1- The simplest. If you have the webradio url, then you can use the upnp binding. You set up a renderer thing for your AVR, and it will be available as an openHAB “sink” and you can use the “playStream” action with it, from a rule or a script.

2- Additional complexity. If the webradio is available from a third party software, it depends on the software capability. It has to be both ways : the software capacity to control an upnp renderer, and the openHAB capacity to control the software. I can only speak for the squeezebox ecosystem (logitech media center), I will take it as an example :

  • install logitech media center on a server (could be the same as openHAB)
  • you can use the TuneIn integrated service to play webradio from all over the world to any player. Add your radio as “favorite”.
  • install the upnp bridge addon in logitech media center and configure it to use your AVR as a player.
  • install the squeezebox binding on openHAB and set up a server bridge thing, it will auto discover your AVR player and then you can add it as another thing.
  • use the channel “playFavorite” from the the squeezebox player thing to play the webradio.
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