WebUI as control, created on UI


I wonder if there is a way to create a “control” that simply includes html, but only by using basic or paperUI.
It would be perfect of we can create/edit html code that would be included into this “control” and the possibility to use it into habpanel.

Thanks in advance folk

There is the webview element which lets you include arbitrary web content served either from your conf/html folder or by a third party service (e.g. include the weather forecast widget from a weather provider). However, this does not work well when accessing the sitemaps through a proxy (e.g. myopenhab.org).

I mean If I have a HTML page that I want to put into my habpanel (that show traffic issues for instance)? As an Iframe for instance. Could it be possible to simply integrate it and allow me to make quick edit on GUI? It could be a nice and easy feature!

You want to edit your external HTML from HABPanal? I’m doubtful there is anything that would enable that. Webviews/iframes are by definition external to the HABPanal.