Webview not rendered in Basic UI (visibility change)

Hi all,

I noticed that in basic ui web elements are not rendered if their visibility changes to visible. After a page refresh/reload they are shown.

Is this a known issue - or shall I enter a new one for this?

with kind regards,

Hi, just recognized the same. Since this works fine in classic UI, I strongly belive it i a bug.
My sitemap part as example:

Switch item=CHART_PERIOD_HW1 label="Zeitspanne" icon="line" mappings=[0="Woche", 1="2 Wochen", 2="Monat"] 			
Webview visibility=[CHART_PERIOD_HW1==0, CHART_PERIOD_HW1==Uninitialized] height=10 url=""
Webview visibility=[CHART_PERIOD_HW1==1] height=10 url=""
Webview visibility=[CHART_PERIOD_HW1==2] height=10 url=""

Would be great to get this fixed