Webview - open in new window


I’m trying to set up OH so I can access my archive of camera images.

In my sitemap, I point to the relevant files like this:

			Frame label="Camera archief" {
				Text label="Camera archief voordeur" icon="camera" {
					Webview url="http://HOST/voordeur/index.php" height=16
				Text label="Camera archief zijdeur" icon="camera" {
					Webview url="http://HOST/zijdeur/index.php" height=16

This approach works, but obviously has some limitations, mainly in the Android app. E.g. URLs in the target index.php are never opened in a new window (even when target=_blank is specified), also scrollbars are not doing what I want them to do. The layout of the webpage displayed through the Android app is just not that nice compared to directly opening it in Chrome.

So I actually want the Android app to open the webview in a new (browser) window (so leaving the app). Is this possible?

I don’t think so. However, you do have the option of using the sitemap through the browser.

I was afraid so. Yes indeed, via the mobile browser it works fine (also on my mobile).