Webview opening camera web page and return to main sitemap screen via rule

is it possible to open a Webview browser picture according state of some switch item element and close it back ?
I need to automatically open some Webview element, if some internal switch item changed to ON and close it back, if item changed to OFF.

Example: automatically open camera streams if switch change own state (via rule, via Alexa)
“Alexa, switch camera1 on” and “Alexa, switch camera1 off”

At least with HABPanel: yes.

My cam software (motion) sends an ON state via REST API and curl to an openHAB switch item after detecting motion:

 on_event_start = curl -X POST --header "Content-Type: text/plain" --header "Accept: application/json" -d "ON" ""

In HABPanel you can define a String item for a dashboard view switcher and trigger the rule via the above switch:

String HABPanel_Switcher "Switch Panel"

HABPanel_Switcher.postUpdate("YourCamView") where “YourCamView” is the name of the dashboard with the cam picture or stream on it.
Every time the cam detects motion the corresponding mjpeg is shown on my tablet.

Thanks I will try it on Habpanel. Yes switching via Habpanel is possible using this item. Don’t forget to define the item in Habpanel config as:
Switch dashboard with item value