WebView passing query string


I’m writing a html page which has a piece of javascript on it which in turn uses parameters from the query string of the url.

However when it’s loaded in the android app, it seem to be going through a proxy and therefore the url is not what is set in the sitemap.

How can I pass a parameter. It’s so I can have one page and it render different things depending on the url which called it.


If you are using my.openhab then it is indeed going through a proxy. Do you see the same behavior when on your home network and connecting not through my.openhab?

I am not sure if there will be a way around this problem short of creating different sitemaps and setting up a reverse proxy.

My.openhab is configured but I was on my local LAN when I was developing this.

The JavaScript was pulling the /proxy as the href.

Work around is to have a different html for each item. Im just trying to write universal code as much as possible to simply the maintenance.