Webview too short regardless of "height" setting

I’ve put together a weather forecast webview in my sitemap, based on the demo and a post by @rlkoshak, and it’s working great…except for one thing: The bottom of the view (iframe?) is cutting off the last row of numbers.

This happens in Chrome on my windows PC and my android, and no matter how large I set the height setting for the webview. However, in the Android OpenHAB app, the webview obeys the height setting just fine.

On a vaguely related note: The “??” where the degree symbol should be is an intermittent problem. Sometimes it shows the degree symbols, and sometimes not. Any ideas as to why?

I’ve see this a bit with the size of the webview seeming to max out at a certain size. When I was working with it (I don’t really use it much anymore) I adjusted the size of the font for the temps at the bottom so they fit.

I’ve not seen the ?? problem before.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

The weather HTML layout example uses the example.js script where the height ist being set to 280px (iframe.style.height = "280px"). You have to change this if you want to have a different height (depending of the size needed by your weather forcast webview).

Don’t know why the ?? issue occurs sometimes and sometimes not. I think it can be corrected by using °C instead of °C (or °F instead of °F) inside the HTML file (exampe.html). The same for german umlauts (e.g. Ü instead of Ü)

I know this is an old thread, but I am plagued by the degree/question mark as well. However… when I use ° it just gets printed as such in my openhab app, not as a degree sign so i get something like 17°C