Week chart doesn't work - Month chart yes

I have a week chart which actualy on Monday doesn’t show all data :

previous week was ok :

so missing complete second bar and line chart.
But when I will change to Month chart, it’s working :

Is it a bug or what’s a wrong ?

I want show a day-to-day consumption and production of PV. But it doesn’t work

Not sure if I understand right, but today is only Monday. For the current week there is no data for the remaining days yet.
OH only stores days for past periods, but not for future periods

What data do you expect to see?

I want to see also actual consumption for today (Monday), but it’s linked to the value from Sunday, because value is still incremented (cumulate value).

Does your item has the correct value and the chat does something different than the item?

Or is the item already wrong, e.g. because it will only update on midnight?

I think it’s bug
Last week :

Monday is missing

This week is empty, but item has a value which is still increasing:


  chartType: isoWeek
    - component: oh-chart-grid
      config: {}
    - component: oh-category-axis
        gridIndex: 0
        categoryType: week
        weekdayFormat: short
        monthFormat: default
    - component: oh-value-axis
        gridIndex: 0
    - component: oh-aggregate-series
        name: Series 1
        gridIndex: 0
        xAxisIndex: 0
        yAxisIndex: 0
        type: bar
        item: Modbus_Data_Grid_sum_2634_Value_as_Number
        dimension1: isoWeekday
        aggregationFunction: diff_last

Which oh version are you using?

That’s not really a bug, because of math the first record in the chart will not have a Delta from a (not existing) previous record.

However a workaround has been implemented for this… an update would help

yes, exactly this look like a solution for me
my version is : openHAB 3.4.2 Release build

so upgrade to 4.0.4 stable will help?

one additional qustion - is it possible make this :

smaller ?

Because on the mobile phone is too big

Yes, an update would fix this.

Not sure about the date selector