Weird Log entry after upgrading to 3.2

After upgrading from 3.1.1 to 3.2 I have following log entry in openhab.log every minute

2021-12-23 08:58:00.385 [WARN ] [le.handler.ItemStateConditionHandler] - Received a QuantityType state '0 °C' with unit for item KNXHeiz1wireAussenIstTemperatur, but the condition is defined as a plain number without unit (10), please consider adding a unit to the condition.

I am wondering, who is trying to update this item. KNXHeiz1wireAussenIstTemperatur is linked to a KNX thing and is defined as number:temperature. Every 15 minutes the KNX bus sends an update of the current temperature to this item. Monitoring the KNX bus I can’t see a KNX telegram every minute. The regular KNX signals every 15 minutes are handled without any problems and “warning” log entries in openab.log

Is there any possibility to debug, who tries to update this item in openhab every minute to stop this or to change der number format?


KNX binding doesn’t yet handle Quantities with units fully. It is posting just-a-number to your Number:Temperatur type Item.

You could use a profile to add a unit " °C" to the channel update,

You have a rule with a condition that checks the item. The item is Number:Temperature, therefore its state is QuantityType. The rule is probably executed every minute and the condition for that rule compares the item-state to a plain number. Add a unit to the condition and the warning goes away.

That’s it!

Didn’t change the rule, since the update to 3.2. Seems, that this checks are new in the current release.

Thank you!

Hi all,

stupid question on this.
Will it also work if I check the state with less than? like shown here?


/da Franz

That was exactly the reason of my problem. Adding ‘°C’ to 10 did the trick.

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