Weird update bug in Basic UI

I’ve just started experimenting with sitemaps and UI and came across the most weird behaviour. This is a part of my sitemap:

    Frame label="Vem är hemma?" {
            Text item=DanielsMobil_Online label="Daniel"
            Text item=VickesMobil_Online label="Victoria"
            Text item=EllasMobil_Online label="Ella"

    Frame label="SONOS" {
            Text item=sonoskok_completetrackinfo label="Spelas i köket [%s]"
            Default item=SonosKK_Volume label="Volym köket"

This works nice at first. The weird things happen when I change tracks on my Sonos system. Suddenly the UI looks like this:

…where “The Number Of The Beast” is the track I listened to before the change of tracks (ie it doesn’t update) and the name of the new track (in this case “Speed Of Light”) suddenly appear on the completely wrong place. Anyone knows what’s happening here?

I’d like to note that the Sonos Item containing only the song title isn’t represented in the sitemap at all. The sonoskok_completetrackinfo label that I’ve chosen to display contains “artist - album - title”. Anyway it’s only the title that pops up. And it seems to always do it on the same place (on my network presence). Also I’ve tried on iOS and Android apps, everything works fine there, this only happens in Basic UI.

This is version 2.0.0 of openhab and basicui.

I’ve filed this as an issue here