WeMo 2.0 Bindig - lastMotionDetected - Wrong timezone

WeMo-Switch work fine. The automatic create WeMo 2.0 Motion-Sensor (things) works on Paper UI fine.

In my manuel settings, the motion Time is 2 hours wrong.


DateTime wemoLetzteBewegung "Letzte Bewegung [%1$td. %1$tb %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS Uhr]" { channel="wemo:motion:Sensor-1_0-2...:lastMotionDetected" }


Text item=wemoLetzteBewegung


wemo:motion:Sensor-1_0-2... [udn="Sensor-1_0-22..."]

How can i change the Timezone in OpenHAB2 to Berlin? Or how can i fix this?

Solved: OpenHAB2 Restart :wink: All works fine!