WEMO bindings from bulding A to building B


I was wondering if anyone has any ide how i can have a WEMO powerswitch in a building A with 4g router, then i want to connect it to building B that has wifi and openhab server. I was first thinking of portforwarding and just using a dyndns, but it does not seems that this driver supports that. Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

Sounds like a job for a VPN

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Interesting approach but this will not work as the UPnP requests will not work between different subnets.

Ok. How about using IFTTT from wemos app? I already do this with Telldus live for temp, but also need energy consumption.

If you can connect the WeMo’s (I don’t use IFTTT so no clue) to IFTTT to send those information, this might be feasable.