WeMo Insight Binding, taking up to a minute to report instant power

I’ve just loaded the Wemo Binding and discovered that it takes up to a minute to reflect power changes, which appear in the Belkin app within 5 seconds. Is there any way of speeding this up? Operating the switch is instant, and disabling UFW doesn’t seem to make any difference so I don’t think its a communication problem. Its using IP to connect via a quiet WiFi

the last Update of the WeMo Binding WIKI page seems to have killed that important information.

Right now, the refresh intervall is hard coded to 60 seconds.

We could lower that, but especially with the newer foirmware versions, this will lead to non responding devices.

So you have to wait until the refactoring of the openHAB 2.0 Binding is finished and I get time to think of a refactoring of the openHAB 1.x Binding.


Thanks for the reply - could the timeout be moved out to Openhab.ctg with a default of the current value if nothing is specified? That would preserve the current functionality whilst allowing changes for those with more advanced needs.

Hi Kevin,
this of course is possible, but as I wrote, I am actually refactoring the 2.0 version of the binding.
After I finished that, I will take care of the 1.x binding.

But then, there might be no refresh setting needed …


Hi Hans,
yes this could be true as I will move to V2 when it is stable and going to work with all my items.
Is there somewhere to check on how advanced V2 is especially the bindings and stability?
I use WeMo, GPIO, Ecobee, RFXCOM, Exec, Mapdb, MyOpenhab, MQTT, HTTP, Astro and Mail.
All work well and are stable

Hi Kevin,
sorry, but I can not comment on general stability, especially on Bindings that I don’t use.

Just be a bit more patient. Once the WeMo V2.0 binding is done, it will not take to long until the 1.x Version will be updated as well.


Thanks very much, I think I found the actual setting, I think its in https://github.com/openhab/openhab/blob/master/bundles/binding/org.openhab.binding.wemo/src/main/java/org/openhab/binding/wemo/internal/WemoBinding.java
private long refreshInterval = 60000;
but I’ve got no idea how to roll my own binding to test it.
I’ll be patient :smile:

@hmerk Is there any update on whether this bindings poll rate can be updated?
I’ve just got another WEMO Insight, and being able to graph the almost real time usage would be very helpful - I think I’ve been patient :slight_smile:


I had played around with different intervals but faced stability issues with shorter refresh rates.
Therefore I decides not to change the default settings.

In the meantime, we have a stable openHAB 2.0 release and a WeMo 2.0 (ESH) binding which supports subscription to GENA events, so openHAB instantly receives updates from the Insight Switch. Polling is just done as a backup.

I stongly recommend switching to openHAB 2.0 and use the newer WeMo binding.

That’s a pity about the binding, thanks for the reply.
I intend switching to OH2 once login security is implemented.
Don’t suppose you know when this will be? I realise there is a way of doing a reverse proxy, but I’d rather go straight to the end solution as my system is working very well on OH1.8, so I don’t want to update and inevitably rehash things more than once.

@hmerk I’ve updated to OH2 and the Wemo power is now updating every few seconds, I now see things that didn’t register before. Thanks for writing a great binding!

Thanks, glad you like it.