Wemo Sensor Drops Out

Hi all, for all the success I’m having with OpenHAB2b4, I just can’t seem to get my Wemo motion sensor to “stick”. Starting from a clean install, I can add the binding and my motion sensor is detected. I add it as a thing and can see the status switch on and off in my sitemap as I create motion. However, after a period of time - the latest being around 24 hours - OH no longer receives/responds to motion. On the paper_ui page, the sensor status is Online. If I restart OH, I can see in the logs that the sensor goes from UNINITIALIZED to INITIALIZING then INITIALIZING to ONLINE. However, motion still isn’t detected. The weird thing is that if I take a fresh OH2b4 folder and replace my install, then install the Wemo as a thing, it starts receiving/responding to motion again. I can even simply copy over all my previous items, sitemaps, rules etc. and the sensor will continue to work… for a while. Does anyone have any advice? Am I doing something wrong at my end? I know the sensor is still working because if I also use IFTTT to send me a message, I receive a message saying motion was detected. Thanks for any help!