WeMo wall switch

Hi habbers!
I bought two WeMo switches, wall switches that is, but it seems OpenHab doesn’t play nicely with them. I thought I read somewhere that wemo switches aren’t supported, but I’m not sure where I saw that. I don’t see anything explicitly stating which wemo devices are supported on the binding wiki page here:

Has anyone successfully used wemo switches with OpenHab?
— Travis

Well, if it is a Zigbee device you need the WeMo Link Bridge and eventually it will be supported (i.e. not supported yet).

Hmm, I don’t think it is a zigbee device. This is the switch: http://www.belkin.com/us/F7C030-Belkin/p/P-F7C030/

Its info states wifi. Theoretically it should work. I have no experience with wemo so can’t help.

WeMo Lightswitch is supported and reported working.
Please send you debug log so I can sort out the isue.

FWIW while I haven’t used in-wall WeMo switches with openHAB, I have several WeMo power switches working happily with 1.8, and a Wemo motion sensor that appears to work with it (not really tested yet).

Thanks for getting back guys. I am traveling and I just realized my vpn is
on the fritz. So I’ll have to get more info when I get back.
Thanks for confirming. Are you on OH2? I’m on 1.8.

I do have two working insight switches (plugs into the wall, plug a lamp
into it).

Yeah I’m using 1.8, though from what I’ve seen I should just be able to install 2 in a separate directory, to check version differences. I have to say, daggy looks aside the WeMo devices has been bullet proof for me, for years.

Of course I’d NEVER recommend using their android app after getting the devices setup - it is as slow as they come.

Ok, I finally got back to checking this out. I also bricked my router today so I bought a new one (the other one was pretty old so it was about time). In the process of hooking the Lightswitches up to the network and restarting everything it all suddenly works. Several other things around here magically work too, so I’m thinking that old router was getting fritzy.
I am on OH 1.8.
Thanks for the replies all.