What about Miele@Home Binding?

Hi folks,

anyone working on that binding?

Thank you very much for your support


It is under review for openHAB 2.0

Best and Merry Christmas

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You can follow progress on the PR

I’m buying a new kitchen full of Miele devices, so a good beta tester here
starting from February :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support


Question: is this compatible with Gateway XGW 3000 and XKM3000Z (wireless) or also XKM3000L (wired)?




Hi Andrea!

Could you test it? Where can I download it?

Thanks in advance!

Well, in facts I’ve experienced some delays in the project so I will start testing after the summer


What about Wifi@connect or Miele@home over Wifi. Is it also in schedule?

The binding is for the newer Zigbee-based XGW3000 Gateway. I understand the older XGW2000 Gateway (using PLC) is bvery similar on the IP side, providing an XML data structure of the appliance. Upon entering the IP address I manage to establish contact, but the only information retrieved is the vendor name (Miele). Can I help in extending the existing Miele@home 2.0 interface to cover also the XGW2000 interface? A contact with the developer would be appreciated.


Hello Andreas

Are there any news about XGW2000 (I finally managed to update my 4yr old gateway to firmware v.4.1.2) and would be very happy to see my devices (wash and dryer) in openhab2.


Hi Daniel,
frankly, I don’t know. I contacted Miele and they sent me the CD with the Firmware update, which I have yet to install. My hope is that after the update, my device (washer) not only appears in openhab2 (it already did so with the previous version of the Firmware), but provides more than just vendor information.
However, I contacted the developer of the XGW3000 driver, and he’s ready to cater for our Needs, if we provide sufficient Information and do the testing. I can commit to that – what’s your take?

Best Regards

I am quiet new to openhab but willing to assist/help…

Any news about this? I added all my thins to Openhab (Sonos, Hue, Tradfri, Homematic, EcoPower) and I am willing/waiting to test Miele. However, since I dont have a clue to help I just offer testing stuff with my Miele XGW2000 and connectey washing /dryer machines…

Hello Daniel,

Do you have the firmware 4.1.2 for xgw2000.
I take a look on internet, and was unable to find it anywhere.