What am I missing here? Configuring Widgets

Hi All

I just don’t get it. There are many sample widgets, inside settings of the widget are values with labels/ID’s

I assume the ID references the item name, however every single example has an ID value different to the item name.

I cant find anything that explains how to link the items to the configuration settings of a widget. It’s driving me absolutely bonkers. What am I missing here?

Heres an example, where do the item names go? because in every example, I see no string items with item names of max_name or max_battery.


You’ve got it completely wrong I’m afraid. This screen is the widget designer where you define your widget and its configuration settings (variables if you will, that you can reuse as config.<id> in the code tab), not where your configure those settings for a particular instance.

To give actual values to these settings, in the Preview tab, click the gears icon, this will open a dialog box to configure the rendered widget displayed in the preview. When you add your widget to an actual dashboard, you will be able to configure it in the same way as any other widget.

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