What are rule types?

I have a problem concerning rules. Whenever I edit a rule file in VSC which previously works (for example, myrules.rules), after an openhab restart I get an error message like this (sorry, code fences do not work from the problems area of VSC):

The type MyRuleRules is already defined in myrules.rules. (10.1)
(numbers are an example)

I wonder what is the type MyRulesRules (in camel cases) which I never entered.
My workaround is to rename the file myrules.rules in - say - myrules1.rules and restart openhab. Then everything works well until I edit next time this file.
Is it a known issue? Any idea?

I persistently had this problem. I ended up disabling the plugin as it also thrashed the rpi.

There was nothing logic I could see as too where the “duplicate” rule was.


The workaround is to ‘close folder’ to remove your root folder from teh workspace, and open only the conf folder

It works. Thank you.