What are the download URLs of addons in the market place?


in a headless setup I want to install an addon from the market place. That is, without loading MainUI and clicking there Install on particular AddOn.

Bundle Management | openHAB suggests using Karaf’s bundle:install [URL] .

How can I get a list of all valid AddOn URLs from the market place? Can you please document this on the above link?

I consider Installing AddOns Through Configuration files (adding a line in $OPENHAB_CONF/services ) is less flexible. Also installing an addon via the addons-folder is less flexible, as I still do not know the URL where to download the AddOn from the marker place.

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AFAIK, there is no list existing. MainUI checks for valid Marketplace posts when you open the addon-store menu.

Thanks for your answer. How can I determine the URI e.g. of the BasicUI manually, to mimic the logic of the Market place web installer?

Are the “features” correctly installed for addons, installed via Karaf’s “bundle:install URL”? Putting the .jar file from the same URI in the addons-folder is per Bundle Management | openHAB sometimes not optimal, because of some features needing manual tweaking.

You need to check the sources for core/addon/marketplace on github.

If additional dependecies exist, contributors should provide a .kar file, not a .jar.

This is too complicated. I asked at Extend Karaf to list market place content · Issue #4053 · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub to extend the Karaf commands to list all addons from the Marketplace, including download URL.