What are the valid values for the Netatmo Home (Bridge) Mode channel?

Hi, everyone.

I’m running OpenHAB 3.3.0. I have a Netatmo relay and 4 valves.

I’m wondering what the possible values of the Home (Bridge) Mode channel are. I want to change it with some DSL rules but I don’t see the values in the old or new documentation .
I also realized that the home channels were even removed from the documentation of v3.3.

My goal is to set the whole home to a different mode on special occasions (e.g., when away), so I don’t have to set the temperature of each valve individually. Especially, taking into account that setting the temperature manually is only applied temporarily.

I have been experimenting with the values set when I change the settings on the Netatmo Energy App to no avail. “Comfort”, “Away”, “Night”, and “Frost-guard” don’t seem to be supported.
“away”, “schedule”, and “hg” are not supported either, contrary to what’s mentioned in the Netatmo documentation.

These are my items:

//Home items

Number:Time         Netatmo_Home_Setpoint_Duration          "Setpoint Duration"     { channel="netatmo:home:de-muc-01:XXXXX:energy#setpoint-duration" }
String              Netatmo_Home_Planning                   "Planning"              { channel="netatmo:home:de-muc-01:XXXXX:energy#planning" }
String              Netatmo_Home_Mode                       "HVAC Mode"             { channel="netatmo:home:de-muc-01:XXXXX:energy#mode" }
DateTime            Netatmo_Home_Mode_End                   "Mode End"              { channel="netatmo:home:de-muc-01:XXXXX:energy#end" }

I traced (as debugging doesn’t provide much information) the data in the Karaf Console and got the following when I changed the value of the Home item to the Frost-guard mode using the default values provided by the Main UI:

12/27/2022 16:12:18.242 [TRACE] [tmo.internal.handler.ApiBridgeHandler] - executeUri POST  https://api.netatmo.com/api/setthermmode?home_id=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&mode=hg 
12/27/2022 16:12:18.384 [TRACE] [tmo.internal.handler.ApiBridgeHandler] - executeUri returned : code [200 OK] body {"status":"ok","time_exec":0.00996708869934082,"time_server":1672153938}

When changed to Away:

12/27/2022 16:31:23.206 [TRACE] [tmo.internal.handler.ApiBridgeHandler] - executeUri POST  https://api.netatmo.com/api/setthermmode?home_id=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&mode=away 
12/27/2022 16:31:23.278 [TRACE] [tmo.internal.handler.ApiBridgeHandler] - executeUri returned : code [200 OK] body {"status":"ok","time_exec":0.018159866333007812,"time_server":1672155083}

When changed to Schedule:

12/27/2022 16:31:57.855 [TRACE] [tmo.internal.handler.ApiBridgeHandler] - executeUri POST  https://api.netatmo.com/api/setthermmode?home_id=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&mode=schedule 
12/27/2022 16:31:57.914 [TRACE] [tmo.internal.handler.ApiBridgeHandler] - executeUri returned : code [200 OK] body {"status":"ok","time_exec":0.010953187942504883,"time_server":1672155117}

The value is passed as the last parameter.

However, when I send a command to set the mode item to “away” with a test rule, I get the following error:

12/27/2022 20:29:00.799 [WARN ] [l.handler.capability.EnergyCapability] - Command 'away' sent to channel 'mode' is not a valid setpoint mode.

The same result happens with all the other values.
This is the rule:

rule "test" 
  Time cron "0 29 20 * * ? *"

Nonetheless, the JSON returned as a response to the GET by the APIBridgeHandler when changing the mode using the Main UI shows that “therm_mode” was set to “hg”, “away”, etc.
I wonder if there is another channel that updates the mode (therm_mode).

By the way, does anyone know why were the Home channels removed from the documentation and why were they not documented in the section on breaking changes in the official release notes of v3.4?

Looking at the code, the accepted values are the items of the enum SetpointMode: PROGRAM, AWAY, FROST_GUARD, MANUAL, OFF, MAX, SCHEDULE, HOME.

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Thanks a lot @Lolodomo, AWAY and FROST_GUARD worked, but OFF didn’t. I haven’t tried the other ones yet.
Do you know if the Home channels are still supported in 3.4.0?

I don’t know what you call the “Home channels”. Sorry, I am not aware of the energy stuff. Are you meaning the room thing?

@glhopital should be able to help you

Apart from the Room thing, there used to be a Home thing with 4 channels. It was mentioned in the documentation before 3.4.0 went live but it didn’t mention the possible values of the mode channel.

If a thing and its channels is missing in the documentation, I assume @glhopital will confirm and add it.

According to the UI, there are 4 possible modes :

This is in sync with capabilities offered by Netatmo :

The only “tricky” one is that you can’t define “MANUAL”, that is the result of setting a setpoint on your thermostat and results in an INFO logged :

@Lolodomo : SetpointMode enum holds certain value that can be applied to Room (MAX and HOME) and not to the whole house :

The four channels of the Home are available to me :

@glhopital are you on 3.4.0?
If you are, that’s a relief. However, they were not included in the official documentation of 3.4.0 and were removed from 3.3.0

Yes, I’m on 3.4 but no major modification happened on the Netatmo Binding since 3.3 apart some bug fixing.

Can you please update the doc if these channels arei mssing?