What binding is this unlabeled WiFi device from 2019?

Hello, newcomer here, just installed OpenHABian 2.5.10-1 on a Rpi 4/4GB. Trying to setup an existing WiFi-controlled under-cabinet light, but the device controlling it is physically unmarked, so I have no clue which binding to try.

The device looks like this: Amazon Teepao device. It is WiFi-only, and has a “pair” button which was used to set it up over a year ago. It is controlled from what I think is the Swift-Smart Life android app which does work. (Want to expand HA and don’t want to use that.) I can’t find any manual or info about the device.

It does have an IP address as assigned by the wifi router. I tried installing MQTT broker from PaperUI; no devices are found. The Network binding found my entire network though, including the IP of the Tepao device. Where can I go from here? Thank you.

That would be a Tuya device. Search the forum and you will find several tutorials on how to use them. I can’t offer more help than that though, I never got my devices to work.