What bindings can be used to detect motion of an IP-camera?

I would like to use a motion detect binding for my foscam IP-camera. Unfortunately the “IP-camera” binding does not work although the foscam app detects and shows all motion.

Are there other bindings which can be used for “motion detection”? I am using OH 4.1, windows.


Can you explain in more detail what your issue is? Also it would be handy to provide the Thing code for the camera.

Have you also followed this instruction?

As each Foscam model has a different resolution and two different URLs, this makes it difficult to automate, so an override feature was added to create your own "enable the alarm" URL. This setting is called customMotionAlarmUrl and the steps to using it are:

Enable the motion alarm in the web interface of your camera and setup any areas you wish movement to be ignored in. E.g. tree branches moving in the wind.
Use any web browser to fetch this URL https://x.x.x.x/cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=getMotionDetectConfig1&usr=xxxxx&pwd=xxxxx
Use the information returned by the above URL to create the override settings.

this is exactly the issue I have. When receiving the CGI output I get this:


Then I setup the URL and put it into the IPcamera Thing like this:


When I check the channel “Motion Alarm” it is always OFF! Do I need to use another channel or what I am doing wrong?

Thank you

Your link is ‘setMotionDetectConfig’ but as I see it should be ‘getMotionDetectConfig’ and more


I don’t have a foscam but what I see here…
One link is to SET an area and the other GET the information about motiondetection.

When I check the docu it is a “setMotionDetectConfig” - right?!


This URL I put in the foscam thing configuration. Do I need to configure it differently?

Ok you’re right… I can’t help here.
we need to wait for @matt1, maybe he can help.

Sorry I put everything I know into the readme under foscam setup heading. If you want help then you really should start a thread that accurately describes what you need help with so other foscam users see and jump on to help out.

From memory you do not need to create the url unless your wanting to get the binding to turn the motion on and off. Just leave it enabled in the camera and the channel should move as it detects motion.

As for your other question which the title of this thread is about… You can use the ftp upload binding to detect motion if your camera can upload a file to a ftp site when the motion is detected.

Thanks for the answer. I will use this thread to describe the problem, while you answered to this thread already.

IPcamera with Foscam and MotionDetect