What branch is 3.2.0Mx on - from openhab-config

Seemingly obvious question, but I can’t find an answer!

I’m running OpenHab 3.1.0 currently, but I want to be on the branch that gets the 3.2.0 milestone builds.
Using openhab-config - I’m on the “main” branch, but it says I’m up to date at 3.1.0.

How does one get the milestones as they come out?


I found:

 41 | openHAB Stable         Install or switch to the latest openHAB Stable Release                          
      | openHAB Milestone    Install or switch to the latest openHAB Milestone Build                        
      | openHAB Snapshot    Install or switch to the latest openHAB Snapshot Build

But the milestone section throws an error:

There was an error or interruption during the execution of:                   
          "40 | openHAB Related"                                                     
        Please try again. If the error persists, please read                         
        /opt/openhabian/docs/openhabian-DEBUG.md or                                  
        https://github.com/openhab/openhabian/blob/main/docs/openhabian-DEBUG.md how 
        to proceed.

Console has:
2021-11-05_15:15:29_MDT [openHABian] Installing selected openHAB3 version... FAILED (update apt lists)

Seems it was unrelated, but I’ll put my solution here,

  1. I changed debugmode to “on” in /etc/openhabian.conf
  2. I tried the update again and found that it was actually related to the Unifi controller running on the same machine. So, I ran: “sudo apt-get update --allow-releaseinfo-change” on the command line, then tried the “openHAB Milestone” update. And it worked.
  3. I changed debugmode back to “off” in /etc/openhabian.conf

Now the question remains the same - how do I keep updating to the latest milestones. Do I need to go BACK to “41 | openHAB Milestone” or will the “03 | Install openHAB”" option keep me there?

Menu 41 let’s you change the OH tree. You are on a tree as long as you do not change it again.
The other menu entry is to change the release tree for openhabian-config.

Ah! Okay, thanks!