What database and graphtool to use for openhabian rbpi3b+ with thre temperature and humidity sensors

I realized it will create problems to use influxdb and graphana for showing the data of my three temperature and humidity sensors. Unfortunately I dont know now what to use. I asked before the question what to use for my sensors and my raspberry pi 3 b+ and I got the answer to use unfluxDB and graphana. Also I dont want to use two pis. What solutions can you suggest?

Use openHAB.

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Actually I was thinking like that. But I thought I better ask first before I will be sorry after :smiley:

The graphs are OK. If you want something more advances then you’ll need grafana. HABPanel also produces nice graphs and that’s included in openHAB.

So I can do all that based on the roundrobin database? Is that the most lightweight database (the one which is already used in the demo)?

Yes or any other database for which there is a persistence binding set-up

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