What decides which channels are updated when polling on Z-Wave?

I set the polling interval to 30 minutes, and turned on debug logging.
The logs show that polling is indeed done every 1800 seconds, but it’s only one of the channels that are getting updated.

This is a Fibaro Heat Controller, FGT-001, which has 3 Z-Wave endpoints - the only that’s sending an update is endpoint #2, temperature sensor.

How can I get all the channels to update?

Which firmware is the first question on those.

Most if not all firmware have bugs and issues. If they did not have bugs you would have no need to poll as the device would report all values via the lifeline if they change.

If this is not happening you could try a more recent firmware as the device is probably locked up as they tend to. They are I am afraid not a very good device.

They are on 4.4 - I know that the latest is 4.7.
It’s true that they seemingly work a bit random, and they never worked without polling.

This time however, they worked fine on OH2, but the same setup does not work in OH3, so that’s why I suspected something is up on the OH side.

4.4 should work without polling.

The binding treats these no differently to any other device that sends those reports and those reports are used by many other devices including many devices I run with no issues. If it gets a report it updates the channels so it makes no sense for the issue to be OH3 or the binding.

I no longer use the ones I have as they are a bit random as you say but they had no issues with sending reports.

Are you sure the lifeline did get set properly?

Also when you have these (well any FLiRs) and repeater devices based on certain older 300 series SDK you get all sorts of nasty things happening in your network so it might be a network issue. Do you have a zniffer to see the actual reports and commands before assuming it is a binding issue?

Thanks for helping out, first of all.

4.4 should work without polling.

I guess they should be in the state you called ‘lock up’ then. All the 5 I have behaved the same way - my charts were pretty static (i.e no updates) until I screwed down the polling period to 1 hour. That was on OH2 though - but at least all the channels were updated back then.

After I rebuilt all in OH3, there’s only one value being updated, even with polling. Without polling, no updates - on all 5. That’s why it’s a bit weird that after the OH2->3 transition, they suddenly all behave differently.
A few questions then -

  • Does it make sense to try to re-add the devices to the z-wave network? They landed in the inbox immediately after the OH3 install, i.e I did not rebuild the z-wave network.
  • How do I restart these thermostat heads? Do I have to do a factory reset?
  • Do you have any experience with the 4.7 firmware? I can try to get them updated if that helps.

It might be worth removing and adding back. The remove will reset the devices. You could also try resetting the lifeline.

Unless the database entry has changed there is no reason that they would behave differently in OH3 vs OH2.5. I ran them in 2.5 without polling.

I no longer use them so have not updated to 4.7 but there is an issue with fast battery drain reported and under investigation. Other issues I have read about may be Fibaro HC3 specific which uses the schedule command class which is not implemented in OH and issue might be in the HC3 code.

Does your network have any other symptoms of issues like long pauses controlling other devices?