What did you build/automated today (with pictures)?

great idea and implementation, I really like the idea of “smartifying” already smart vacuum cleaner. Might implement this one myself as I often forget to empty it

that’s enough power to backup your RPI for years!


I ‘smartified’ my robot cleaner, too. I’m using presence detection based on motion detectors and more (see my presentation linked here (scroll down a bit)) so it doesn’t start or returns when there’s still someone in the house who might feel disturbed by this (or challenged :wink: )

Here is mine. Esp8266 inside, EspEasy firmware, plastic case is Schneider Electric wiring box with sticker.
It has relay (for boiler), temperature, leak, motion sensor, MQTT Connected.


Ok, the topic of this thread is “What did you build today”… If it is ok, I want to share what I build the last 4 weeks.

First some background, I am building a new house next year, and I plan it to be “smart”. So I did some research and quickly found out that a “closed system” like Homematic is not flexible enough. So I researched for open brokers, tested some, and ended up with Openhab. Why? Cause my “test” was very simple: I gave myself three hours for each broker, and after two hours, I wanted to see how far I came. While for example the setup of home assistant took one hour alone, with OH2 after two hours I already build items, sitemap and simple rules. So I stuck with it.

Then, I was looking for a open standard for actors. My goal is to have a “classic” electrical installation that everyg guest can use, but with “smart” overlay. So for example, switch light on and off with a physical switch, but also being able to switch remote. I ended up with Z-Wave, devices and actors are cheap and broadly available.

So I started with a Raspberry, a Z-Wave USB Controller, a Fibaro Switch and some z-Wave sockets four weeks ago:

It did not take long to make things work, and even at this time I already tried to make a nice sitemap with infos. I even managed to add a “live view” from a old Foscam IP camera:

I realised that Openhab quickly makes addictive. So when December started, I bought a cheap Z-Wave socket to control christmas decoration outside (yes I know the socket is indoor use only, but it is protected from rain).

As I want to automate certain illumination later, I bought a Motion Sensor for testing:

As there is nothing to switch with it at the moment, I used Telegram binding to let it send alarms. Telegram also sends snapshot images when lighting change (just for fun :grinning: )

Of course I want to have Alexa integration, so at Black Friday week I bought some Echo and Echo Dot. Thanks to Openhab Cloud, no hazzle to integrate.

After feeling more “secure” with OH2 now, I tried to do something more sophisticated, I decided to buy some Tuya bulbs and try to integrate them:

It was a hard nut for me to crack, but I did it with the help of the community, and the very good tuyapi-wrapper from AgentK. And I decided to write a tutorial about it.

In the meantime, I always improved my sitemap, for example with a nice weatherwidget:

I also set up Grafana to be able to make some graphical analysis later (so far only some Sysinfo items).

And of course a lot of other, “smaller” things like rules which send frost warning by email (I always forget to cover my windshield in winter to prevent icing), connecting OH2 to IFTTT, adding FritzBox to sitemap, create regular backups and so on.

Actually looking back to the beginning, I really am fascinated how easy to use and how “open” OH2 is.And considering that 4 weeks ago I did not even hear about Openhab, Z-Wave, MQTT, Grafana and InfluxDB, I am really happy how quick things developed. And I am already prepared to set up OH2 and Z-Wave in my future house.

All this I only achieved because of this excellent forum.

Thank you all for your help and inspiration!

P.S.: This thread already gave me the next task: Integrate and test Shelly-Switches as a cheaper alternative to Z-Wave components :sunglasses:


An update to my post a few weeks back - I now have a working Home Automation Switch Plate (HASP), interfaced with openHAB!

The display screens, buttons and dimmers are fully represented with items and I’ve adapted the original project creator’s (aderusha on Github) HomeAssistant config files to work with openHAB (including the bottom menu button screen selection/shading logic).

Once I get this fully put together, I intend to mount two of these in my spare switch locations (family room and master bedroom), and mostly use them for lighting scene selection, openHAB status display, and HVAC control.

I’ve forked the original project and created a repo for the openHAB configuration files here, but I’ll also open a dedicated topic (in the new “DIY” category :smiley: ) for anyone interested in building one of these themselves.


Thats a nice widget, is it HabPanel? I need something responsive for HabPanel as its too big for the screen :frowning:

Just posted a bit about my sound system:
Would love to hear some feedback on it.

Also: Are any of you interested in a 5€ DIY Reed/Magnet Window contact using an esp8266. I poured a lot of time in that project (hardware + software) and if people are interested in it, I might take some more time to document it and make it openly available.


Nice post !
Which weather source/binding/widget do you use ?

interested in the door/window sensor!

Would you have a link to the cases you are using - I looked on their website but could not located them

Today my wife got stuck in after school traffic at a nearby high school.

From now on, openhab/nodered will push a notification to our phones if we leave the house during school release times reminding us to avoid school zones.


Here it is, about 0,5$ - Blanca - BLNRK000011

Thank you, can’t find that version for North Ameraica :frowning:

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Okay not today, but I just finished it yesterday.

Embedding a sOnOff basic with added touch control into each of ours nightlamps.

I was tiered of having to get out of bed when the wife felt asleep with her light on.
I also hate those small stupid switches on the wire, you can’t find when you need to turn the lamp on.

Now I just need to find a good way to mark the touchpoint, currently marked with duct tape on the picture :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also Tasmota reacts to the release of the button, nothing you will normally notice. But with a button with no feedback (touch button), it’s unintuitive that it doesn’t react when you push the button.


Not quite built or automated, but I got a picture :slight_smile:
I purchased one micro server gen10 on holiday sale to be used as NAS/media storage for home videos, movies and music. Installed unraid on it, and bunch of docker containers that automate media organization and playback (plex and “the usual”). It is a small part of a bigger plan. Quite small actually, 23x23x25 cm, fits nicely in a book shelf (until I find some rack that suits me). I know gen8 could be upgraded and more powerful, but for a home nas this works just fine.

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Great to see other unraid users about, I have used it for years. I recently setup a VM for my better half to use for gaming.

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can or will you please post the telegram rule you used for sending picture ?

Hello Simon,

I just copied and pasted the example from the binding:

The picture I used is from a webcam, it has a HTTP interface which shows the current picture.


Regarding the release button issue.
Turns out that Tasmota already has a solution to that (just shows how flexible Tasmota is). SetOption13 is my friend here:

Enable button single press only for immediate response. Disable by holding 4 x SetOption32