What did you build/automated today (with pictures)?

I automated 10 of my interior doors. When I built my house, I had it pre-wired at all the interior doors for door contacts. I have been holding off on wiring them because of the cost per input for my Security/Automation panel (HAI).

Following the lead of @sipvoip I purchased a Pokeys57E that has 57 digital input/outputs on it that can be read with modbus. The device costs about $55 - really hard to beat on a dollar per input basis.

I installed contacts in many of the closets and some of the bedroom doors. The contacts drive automated lighting.

One thing that I struggled with was how to get a combined ground for use across the digital inputs. @sipvoip used a wirenut - I was really worried about connections coming loose with wire nuts. I ended up buying some screw terminals with barrier strips. At first, I was going to use one screw terminal per ground, but I can get 3 or 4 securely.


Just if someone is looking for a cheaper alternative: you can get PCF8574 modules with 8 DIO and I2C interface for less than $1. Adress set by DIM switch to combine up to 8 of those in a I2C network.
Connected to a host (e.g. Pi Zero W, ESP32/ESP8266 board or any Ethernet capable board) you come to a fraction of the $55 for 64 DIO channels (plus the DIO channels of the host controller).

Can you share a link to a tutorial or any other material on that setup?

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Sure, here you are for a Raspberry Pi example and here for an Arduino based one. This one describes the use in ESP Easy.
Connecting multiple nodes via I2C bus electrically is shown at Wikipedia.
If you get the following modules you can simply make a chain of them (each with a different jumper setting i.e. unique I2C address).

If you get another type with a different address space (PCF8574A) you can even add another 8 of them for another 64 DIO.
It works the same way for any other I2C capable host controller.
Searching for PCF8574 and your MCU of choice should give you plenty of results.


Face recognition - have to do that!! The rest is near identical to mine.
Haven’t used nose red yet - do you have a tutorial somewhere? Nice work

Hi, I just finished my home cinema :slight_smile:
Here is one of the routines I made :stuck_out_tongue:


That is pretty neat! I like the hidden screen and projector

@thorsen Really great, what kind of blinds are you using?


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Hi @Dibbler42

The blinds are from Ikea :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the danish page: https://www.ikea.com/dk/da/p/fyrtur-morklaegningsrullegardin-tradlost-batteridrevet-gra-90408170/

Hate the music, like the features :grinning:… However, the room seems quite too lit for projector use??

@Kim_Andersen haha, the music was just as a fun gemic :wink: In normal use everything moves at the same time and no music. I still need a blind for the window in the kitchen. But you are right, it is still a bit bright without the last blind :slight_smile:

I like your ways of doing things… It´s seems rather unormal to have a home cinema in the kitchen :slight_smile: It wouldnt work in our kitchen for two reasons.

  1. Smell of food while watching a movie… Bad idea… I prefere smell of popcorn :smiley:
  2. Sound quality would be very bad, specially in our kitchen due to lots of echo (hard walls, floor and loft)…
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Next time you’re over here, you’re welcome to a movie night in our Dolby Atmos 9.1 room.

I might even have invested in a projector by then :wink:

Hehe, If thats 8K resolution and the Dolby Atmos setup have at least four 12" subwoofers, I´m on my way :smiley:


May I ask which motorised rams you’ve used for the projector hide?

The Denon AVR-X 4400H amp supports 11.2, but 9.1 is PLENTY for this room.

As for a picture, I haven’t got as far as any projector at the moment.

There is a port hole in a wall and cabling for the screen…

I need more people to buy some Velbus kit first :wink:


Sure you can. They are from uncle Ali :wink:

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Unfortunatly the bilnds are not available in Germany.

:slight_smile: I understand. Although I´m not a projector fan myself. I like the big size screen, but the good picture quality requires alot of darkness, which is very hard to have in a ordinary livingroom. Insted I have a big (65") LG OLED screen, which infact isn´t big enough. I would have prefered a 85" or bigger insted.

A small trip to Denmark will solve that small problem :smiley:

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They actually are available in Germany. They don’t show on their website, but in most stores you can already get them. Shouldn’t take to long until you can buy them online as well.

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