What firmware on your Sonoffs?

The title says it all. What firmware are you using on your Sonoff’s? And a short Why. I am currently fighting with Tasmota. I chose it because of all the devices it supports as well as the OTA update functionality. I am hoping for a single Sonoff solution so my topic formats can be as consistent as possible. Thanks for your input.

I have only two SonOFF devices and i am using Tasmota. Why? Why not tastomta is under development and the openhab examples are very good.


I’m having huge issues getting openhab2 to toggle my Sonoff basics. I. Think its my topic on the Sonoff vs my items list. Could you possibly share your topic on your Sonoff and corresponding items line? Be much appreciated.

That’s no Problem and it works very well

Switch MO_Sonoff001_State "Sonoff Basisc 001: State [MAP(switch.map):%s]" <control_on_off> (gMO_SogMO_Sonoff_Basic001noff_Basic_001) {mqtt=">[igor:cmnd/sonoff-001/POWER:command:*:default], <[igor:stat/sonoff-001/POWER:state:default]"}

igor is my mqtt broker. Maybe your problem ist the broker. Have you tried mqttspy to manualy swicth the sonoff?


I just got some Sonoff Pows this weekend and I started with Tasmota and the things that I don’t like about it are:

  1. The default MQTT topic should include the chip ID rather than being a generic default.
  2. The WiFi host name should be the same as the default MQTT topic. The default 4 digit decimal makes no sense.
  3. It should be easier to set the default module type at compile/upload time rather than using the web server/mqtt afterwards.

Tasmota is the first one that I’ve tried, I plan on researching some of the others before settling on one.