What is a good methodology for controlling devices?

Hi, I’ve been playing around with OH for a few years but never been serious. That has got to change :slight_smile:

I am looking to start from scratch and want to know what your general methodology for controlling devices are?

I have several 433Mhz and Z-wave devices and also some remotes that can control them, but I don’t want the remotes to control anything directly but instead through OH. So all controllers should talked to OH and OH controls all devices, does it make sense?

And trying the above I have got stuck, How do I “Listen” to remotes via OH to figure out what to listen for? They never pop up as new devises?

And how do I program devices from OH, how do I send commands to do the first programming of devices and also afterwards to control them? Send command wants an Item name which does not exist at this stage.

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The commonly used “remotes” for controlling openHAB are the UIs (BasicUI, HABPanel).
Your existing remotes would need to be detected as devices or at least their commands would need to be detected by openHAB.
I used to have some 433 mhz plugs, they could be switched by openHAB directly using a CUL ( 433mhz sending device connected to my raspberry via USB).
In order to use the remote of those plugs I would have needed to read all incoming messages in that CUL, parse them and then send the command to the related item.
I opted against and controlled them solely via openHAB, I.e. with a smartphone, or let openHAB do it all be itself ( rules switching the lights based on time, presence etc).
If you have further question regarding the 433mhz implementation I would need to dig out all my old posts about CUL, Intertechno …

Thanks for your swift reply Jürgen!

I like the flashy BasicUI, HABPanel etc but it’s not practical to have every guest downloading an app to be able to turn a light on. A wall switch here and their is quite practical :slight_smile:

It must be quite common to use wall switches to control a “Smart home” which is basically identical to remotes. I know that I can see the log for incoming data on my 433mhz main controller somewhere, maybe I can see the remotes signals their?

How do I find out what format of code/ID is accepted by different devices? trial-and-error?

I guess this is mostly a 433mhz problem.

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Hi Emil,
I am using zwave and want to integrate also 433mhz devices.
I good point to start with 433mhz is for instance here
Rtl 433 includes already protocols for many devices.

The same is true for the remote!
That is the reason why I am changing toward (cheap) wifi plugs, which can be installed in conjunction with existing switches. That way one can can smart OR old style.

Thanks for the info Christian!

I already have a RFXCom that works fine, all my sensors comes in via that.

Best Regards

Well the remotes, in this case wall switches, are located where they have been located for the last 40 years so most people finds them :slight_smile:

I bought a pack of 30pcs 433mhz switch electronics (less then $20) that I put behind all my normal switches, so that part was extremly cheap, at least compared to a z-wave solutions for the same.

Thank you so much for your feedback and help!

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