What is correct way to add bindings not listed in PaperUI?

Brand new user here, just installed OpenHAB2 stable version on Debian.

I’m interested in using ZoneMinder binding but it is not listed in the stable release in the PaperUI. I subsequently installed the latest “snapshot” (unstable) release and the ZoneMinder binding is listed there but I’m a bit nervous using an unstable release. This raised a few questions:

  1. It is unclear which bindings are “official” and which are in testing. Per the official documentation, ZoneMinder binding is listed as “since 2.x” and “install auto” but this doesn’t tell me if it’s in the official release or what development stage it’s in. Viewing the Github documentation did not help either.

  2. Should I go back to the stable release and somehow add Zoneminder binding separately? How do I do that?

Thank you!

  1. If it is listed in PaperUI it is official.

  2. it will be easiest to stick to the snapshot. The bindings and the core move forward together in lock step and while it is possible to download and install the newer version doing so is not straight forward and I’m not sure what the exact procedure would be.

Hi Rich,
Thanks, I’ll stick with snapshot!!