What is effect of -Dosgi.clean in karaf?

I never liked the -Dosgi.clean in openHAB 1.x, but understood it was necessary because of how .cfg file contents were written to each bundle’s config, but entries removed from the .cfg were not also removed from the each bundle’s config. So -Dosgi.clean was thus a simple (but not very elegant) way to wipe out potentially stale configs.

But 1) does this still work in Karaf, and 2) is there a way to stop needing to wipe the entire container’s config on startup, so that I can add non-ESH/OH bundles to my Karaf container without having my bundles’ persistent configs wiped on restart? I would like the Karaf container to play well with bundles that have nothing to do with ESH/OH, and -Dosgi.clean (or equivalent) is very heavy handed.

Apologies if the answer is obvious, but thought it worth bringing up.

See https://github.com/openhab/openhab-distro/issues/77, Karaf does not clean the OSGi container on startup anymore. You have to run a “clean” manually, in case you want to.

Not doing cleaning by default anymore raises issues like https://github.com/openhab/openhab-distro/issues/77.
It is difficult to know for a user, what the current state of the system configuration is, because all is kept internally within the OSGi framework. So I am not sure what is the best strategy to deal with that…