What is the binding for GE C-Start switches

Is there a binding for the family of C by GE devices? I have several C-Start Smart Switches. It is not obvious what binding to use. I just spent a bit of time installing them in the wall and would hate to have to replace them.
Any help is appreciated.

G**gling reveals the C series uses Bluetooth. That won’t work. Well there is a BT binding but it’s experimental, HW support on server is a problem and pretty probably even if you solve those issues it still won’t work. I’m afraid but that was a bad tech choice.
GE also offers a C-Reach bridge. No promises, but you eventually can connect to that using a generic binding like HTTP.

Thank you Markus
I am connecting to the switches using WiFi. I believe the bluetooth was for setup. The C Bridge is not yet available for the C-Smart switch. It sounds like my choice of this product was not the best if I am looking to connect to it in OH. Any other suggestions? Are there light switches that are a much safer bet? Or should I wait for a solution to this? Thank you.


Well if they can do WiFi eventually they have a HTTP interface, too ? You could try the HTTP binding then.

Yes, browse the forum. Shelly, Sonoff or ZWave based switches are most popular and OH supported.

Thank you. Hate to open the wall plates to remove the 2 switches. The GE smart bridge just released an APK that says it will support the new switches. Do you think that might mean an OH bridge will eventually be coming? Thanks.

Only if the API to these switches or the Bridge are open and published or someone has reverse engineered the API the app uses to communicate with the switch, or more likely the cloud service that communicates to the switch and there is a developer who possesses this hardware/technology and has a desire to donate his/her time to create a binding. A quick search of their web site and github indicates that neither are the case.

With openHAB, or any other open source project like this, what gets written and supported depends almost entirely on what contributors volunteer to do.

Unfortunately the home automation industry is chock full of walled gardens like this. As Markus indicated, you probably made a poor choice in technology to have switches that are compatible with openHAB.

Thank you for the help. I returned the C Smart switches. I should not have put them in without checking.