What is the recommended method for 433 Mhz weather stations and switches?

I am running OpenHAB 3 on Raspberry Pi. I would like to connect some weather station senders (temperature, humidity; I know how to decode the binary messages) and 433 Mhz power switches to openHAB.
What is the easiest way to do that? From what I understand, these options are available:

All of these methods do seem to require a lot of time to figure out how they are implemented in detail. Which way would you recommend?

Your third option is plug and play:

  1. Buy a RFXtrx433 (USB version; my device is a RFXtrx433 batch 1912 …), plug it into the USB port of your Raspberry, install the RFXCOM binding and you’ll find your (and your neighbours’ :slight_smile: ) devices in your Inbox.
  2. A slight variation (receive only, but less expensive; more flexible (receive 433 MHz and 868 MHz devices, AIS, ACARS, ADS-B, …)): buy a RTL-SDR (USB version) and follow the instructions on How to integrate rtl_433 sensors into openHAB via MQTT · merbanan/rtl_433 Wiki · GitHub.
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See if your outdoor unit is compatible with an ipobserver unit. If you post a picture of your outdoor station it may help as many brands all come from the one Chinese factory and are all the same but come with different indoor units.

… and please make sure that your devices are compatible with the RFXtrx transceiver (http://www.rfxcom.com/WebRoot/StoreNL2/Shops/78165469/MediaGallery/Downloads/RFXtrx_User_Guide.pdf) or with rtl_433 (rtl_433 | rtl_433).

I was playing around with a Fitipower FC0012 tuner and followed this:

pretty straight forward to configure MQTT. only drawback was the very weak range of the tuner. 5m distance to the devices was the maximum…

This project offers an easy way to integrate 433Mhz temperature/humidity sensors into HASS. With minimum modification it may work for OpenHAB.