What is the recommended way of including a z-wave device

As far as I now you can include a z-wave in three ways (if you have Aeon stick gen 5):

  1. Paper UI with + button?
  2. Habmin
  3. The button on the stick (Aeon stick gen 5), and then you will find it in you inbox the paper ui.

Is there a recommended way?

Any of those ways. @chris says to use HABmin, but I have had no luck that way. I dind the best way for me to find my devices is the manual way. ayou will have to restart the system after reinserting the stick though.

If you want to use network wide inclusion, or secure inclusion (when the security is working properly!) then you MUST use either HABmin or PaperUI (they will both do the same thing). This will put the controller into inclusion mode for 30 seconds, and after doing this you need to also put the device into inclusion mode within this time.
Otherwise you can use the stick, but obviously if you remove the stick then communications with the network will stop and it will take some time to re-establish the network which is why I personally normally use the software inclusion mode (ie using HABmin).


what is all the steps you do for working in habmin…i can never get it to work without pulling the stick, but would love to be able to…

There’s one step - click on the discovery button. This puts the controller into inclusion mode for 30 seconds.

never finds my devices

What sort of stick do you have? It works fine for me, and I know also for others. If you can provide a log, I can take a look to see if the controller is responding…

gen5…ill get one together whwn i can…

Ok - I’m pretty confident it should work then. This is also the controller I have on my main system, although I also use the Gen2 on my development…

Anyway, let’s take a look at the log - thanks.

So if I understand correctly, if include my device with the usb stick button and configure my things through a text file. The configuration data for controlling the z-wave device should be the same as I would configure it through habmin?

The reason why I’m asking is that I would like to do most of the setup and configuration through text files. I store those in a git repository, that way I hava a configuration that can easily be restored or debugged after I change things.

Including a device into the network, and how you configure it are not linked at all - so, you can include it any way you like, and configure it through either text files or the UI.

The problem you might have with text files is that configuration might not be saved - so if you change the thing configuration, then it might not update the device. I say ‘might’ here as I don’t use this, and I know it didn’t work in the past, but it ‘might’ now (I just don’t know).

If it doesn’t work, then it will be a pain to configure the zwave devices, but I think that this was being worked on at one stage…

Thread-reaping here since my question fits so well in this existing thread.

I’ve seen it recommended to secure include by moving the Z-Wave stick within feet of the secure device. What is the best way to include a secure device if I can’t move a whole server from my basement to (for example) the front door where my Z-Wave lock is installed? Can I move the Z-Wave stick to a laptop and include it that way somehow, perhaps using some alternate program?