What is the right trigger for this rule?

I want to implement a rule, but I don’t quite know how to set the trigger correctly yet.

I have a weather station on the roof, which also measures the light conditions.
Now I would like the driveway light to turn on as soon as the light falls below 50 lux, as long as it happens between 4pm and 9pm.
This trigger should only happen once.

You could think of it as when lux changes from >=50 to <50 and time between 4pm and 9pm then switch light on.

You can do this via the rule editor.
Should look like this:

Your trigger (When) is when the lux value changes.
The action (Then) is your light you want to turn on.
The condition (But only if) is the lux <=50, the time range from 4pm to 9pm and the state of the light (if it is already ON there is no command send to turn it on again)

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A slightly better test for blocking if the light is already on is to test equal !ON, i.e. not-ON.
Items may sometimes have state NULL or UNDEF as well as the usual ON/OFF

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