What is the status of OpenHAB 2? What works, what does not?

Hi All,

I am wondering what areas are being worked on and which areas are considered done and needing testing? I could not see any topics on this already so opened this thread, if it is somewhere else can you point me to it thanks. If you can let me know if the serial binding is working I can move my setup over to do some testing for you if I have a stable working serial port.

3 years ago I was working full time as an Embedded hardware and software tester for a large production house so happy to help improve Openhab 2 with some testing.

From what I have seen so far this is a great project and well done to those that have put the hours into making this what it is today.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your interest and your offer to helo out on testing!
Please see this post, where I tried to summarize what I think is most important for the moment - it is mainly to ensure the backward compatibility.

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