What is what in cron rule?

This feels like a stupid question, but I can’t really find the information anywhere, so can anyone tell me what field is what in the cron rules? In a normal Linux cron rule there is minute, hour, day of month, month and day of week. In openhab cron rules the first field is seconds, right? Does that mean that everything is moved one position to the right? That should mean that week day is in position six and that “0 45 4 * * 1-5 ?” would be monday to friday 04:45. However openhab doesn’t like that cron rule at all. Also tried “0 45 4 * 1-5 ?” (in the hope that week day would be in position five instead) but that rule ran saturday and sunday mornings as well so I guess 1-5 meant january to may then :blush:

Edit: Darn. Found it only minutes after posting. Before posting I couldn’t find it no matter how I was searching, isn’t that weird? Anyway: http://www.quartz-scheduler.org/documentation/quartz-2.1.x/tutorials/tutorial-lesson-06 is a good source. The cron rule is supposed to be “0 45 4 ? * MON-FRI”.