What ram usage is correct openhabian RPI

Just a bit confused to what Reading is actually true looking at memory/ram

Via SSH it says Free 0.02GB 3%

Using rpi app 48% Free
The system info binding also reports around this figure

Both. Linux way of listing the part of RAM it has filled with cached stuff as used can be somewhat confusing: https://www.linuxatemyram.com/


Hi Rivi

thanks for the reply so should I keep an eye on both or is one more truful

Well, to really understand what’s going on read the linked page.

On the command line, try “free -h”, the second line gives you what is used by programs and what is available for program execution.

I did have a look at it

Was saying linix is just borrowing the ram for cached data

OK i will give that a try and have another read thanks

Yes, meaning linux knows usage types beyond simply “free” and “used”. In that case, the first of your pics it probably reports (used by programs+cached)=900MB, in the second just “used by programs”=500MB. But to truly confirm that you need to look at the output of the “free” command.