What´s the recommended installation path?


I read several posts that indicates installing openHAB in /opt/openhab, while others say that the best option would be using the repo (sudo apt-get install openhab).

Which is the best way to go?


I think you will find the general recommendation for a linux install is to use the apt repository. It’s the easiest way to keep up to date.

I manage the files myself because I have some tweaks to the jetty files. I have multiple ip’s and need to bind OH to a specific IP. But most will find the apt method best.

If you are an OH and/or Linux beginner the apt-get method is by far the best way to go. It also has the advantage of automatic updates.

If you know what you are doing and have a compelling need (e.g. like @moxified), or on a non-Debian based Linux then the usual place to put everything is /opt/openhab for Linux or Mac and pretty much anywhere you want on Windows.