What Sensors are you all using (OPEN)

What sensors are you all using in your system for motion , door/wimdow , temperature

You will see a lot of custom widgets here:

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I edited the post and completely changed my question after posting I realised there was an entire section dedicated to Habpannel examples my bad

wirelesstag.net sensors

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Thanks for that I will keep those in mind esspesially for motion temperature and humidity

Xiaomi https://www.gearbest.com/aqara-_gear/?querySearch=1

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Some of them look decent too I’m sure the best systems have many sensors from many companies it’s all about what suits your needs

How easy are these to add to OH2

My Main Requirements are

  1. Ease of adding and getting working in OH2 (Already has Bindings needed)
  2. size and battery life

sensors I am looking for

MOTION (for lights on off)
Door/Windows (open and closed)

Very easy, as they just use the built in REST interface. From memory also need to use some JSONPATH or similar to parse their inputs. I’ll give a better answer when I’m at home able to look at my setup better.

Thanks apretiate that
I’m still starting out so don’t know much at the moment

OK I used to have to do it in a more complicated manner, but as of OH2 I do it more simply now.

First you need to setup the wireless tags on their cloud dashboard ( you don’t need to use it after setup, however it is pretty good ). In each tag there’s an area for “URL calling”. You find the events you wish to have openHAB notified of (e.g. motion event, temperature change) and give the tag the openHAB “old” style REST URL.

E.g. http://:8080/classicui/CMD?={}

So for one of mine it’s{2}

There’s a couple of caveats. You need to make sure you check the “This URL uses private IP address (Call from tag manager)” tickbox in the wirelesstag dashboard, and the odd {2} refers to which bit of data (e.g. motion, datetime, lux, battery, temperature, humidity) you want to send to openHAB.

Oh, and in terms of size and battery.

Each PIR unit is about the size of a thumb, and each tag unit is about 5cm sq.

All the units report temperature and battery as well as their purpose (eg motion). They all use CR2032 or CR2025 button batteries, and depending on your selected rate of polling they should last a year ort so per battery (changeable except for the moisture sensor).

Ok I’m pretty interested in the

PIR Motion detector with temperature

(For Motion Triggered Lights & Internal Temperatures)

Also the

Door/Window Sensors with Temperature

Are you using the sensors I have linked ?

I’m 50/50 on understanding what you sent it doesent sound as easy as using bindings but not extremely hard I will have to do some more research before I buy for my setup

I could definitely follow the instructions to get them setup with there own app
I think I understand the url calling part and that you give it an address for OH2

I understand that is the address for OH

what is the rest of the address and where did you get the information?


Do they still not work if the Internet goes down?

I use/d the wireless sensor tags. The motion ones are OK, however the four I bought a year ago have all died. Some were mounted outdoors under cover and I expected them to die to be honest, but two were internally mounted and even they died.

I use their other temp sensors in each bedroom and have been very happy with them.

I also use a range of Xiaomi sensors which are great. Cheap and minimal footprint. And the joy of OH means I also use two z-wave multisensors from Aeotec.

If the internet goes down with the generic wirelesssensortags they don’t continue working. You need the pro model with memory to have them continue logging data and push it all at once when the internet reconnects.

I use the PIR sensors at home. They work quite well, although the responsiveness of the motion detection isn’t perfect. I;'ve never used the reed sensor as yet.

You do need a tag manager to handle all the tags, as they talk in a low power non standard way that isn’t like normal wifi. Even with openHAB you still need 1 tag manager to coordinate the tags.

The end of the URL I gave ( /classicui/CMD?Kids_Temperature={2} ) tells it to send to the old openHAB REST type interface ( /classicui/CMD ), to send to an item in my openHAB system callled Kids_Temperature (a Number item from memory), and to give it the temperature reading from the tag.

As long as you check the private IP tickbox for the tag URL it works fine if the internet is down - that’s always been one of my must-haves for my openHAB system

The wirelesstag sensors didn’t used to work with the internet down, but I can attest that mine do just fine

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Yes I think working when the Internet or servers are down is one of the most important things to look for

When you say the PIR sensor is slow how slow are we talking would it be too slow for use with lighting

It’s generally not too bad, however there may be up to a second or so of delay sometimes (which could well be my wifi being overloaded with scores of devices :stuck_out_tongue: )

I, will do somemore research and update this post as I don’t no what the rest api is or how to use it

I have a 6 sockets and am slowly intergrating philips hue for my lights at the moment sensors next although I have seen the Philips hue motion and that could be simple to got running but doesn’t have temp sensors :frowning: