What solar PV inverter(s) do you have *working* with openHAB, and how?

Another option is the Enphase products, HTTP binding and JSON transform. Just setting my one up now, there is heaps of very granular data if needed.

I do have Fronius inverter and all works perfect with openHAB

George, what you have done there is just what I am trying to do!

I’m new to openHAB but have managed to configure the Enphase production output. Regarding the inverters I have the http url Thing fetching the json, but I’m struggling to get the correct JSONPATH expression to cope with the multiple inverters.

Are you able to share your solution? Thanks

Hi Simon,

No worries, I will organise my notes over the next day or so and post it.


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Would you share your Node-Red node?

This is interesting as I’m currently trying to decide on a solar system. Does anyone manage to write to their inverter? i.e. to ask the battery to be charged at cheap rate or discharged to grid if export is good?

I did but battery control abilities depend very much on the inverter model, and are not documented for the most part so it’s still quite a lot of trial & error.
There’s no real charging at cheap rates, even if you have a hourly changing tariff, it’s all way more expensive than to use your self-farmed energy.
I myself have a Sungrow inverter which I like (it’s a 3 phase full house UPS, yeah).

Advertising: I’m commercially offering an energy management system based on openHAB rules
(German only sorry, but I promise it runs on non-German computers, too :slight_smile: … just use a translator)

This can operate your washing machine, heat pump and basically everything that openHAB can control on cheap PV power.

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