What to start with OH1 OH2

I am just about to start with OH.
My basic question is what to start with the version 1.x or go right to 2.0?
Is the version 2.0 having similar number of bindings?

need some other input for my decision what to start with.

I started with 2. And you can use the 1.x bindings in 2 also.
So I decided to go with the “future” of openhab

Then you won’t have to migrate your settings later :slight_smile:

I would recommend starting with OH2, since this is the future. But it depends on what bindings you plan to use, There might be some problems with OH2.

If you start with OH1, you get a running system, but you will miss all the new smart things in OH2, and you need to migrate later. And as stated, you can still use 1.x bindings.

Only negative thing I can think of is missing user authentification in OH2, but there should be some reverse proxy solution (havn’t looked at it).

I am currently building HA mostly based on HomeMatic sensors and actors.
What I want integrate is also is heating (Buderus) , Cooling (Daikin) and ventilation (Wolf).

HomeMatic seems to be actively maintaind under OH2, so I would start there.