What would be a good way to use the same my.openhab. with two machine (and one account)


I have two pine64 machines that I use with openhab.
I have these two so that I can experiement with new (unstable) versions of openhab without risking that our house becomes uncontrolable.
Thanks to that,
I can unplug the current version, launch the other machine, experiment with settings, versions etc, yet stop at anytime and know that I can switch back to the current working version.

Configuration of openhab on these machines is completly done in a sourcecontrol setting.
I make the changes on my computer, commit them and pull them on the openhab machine I am working on.
I can see full history of all the changes

This works great.

The only trouble I have is my.openhab.

The only example I see on using openhab with two machines is two different accounts. That is fine when it’s for two different buildings. In our case, it’s the same building and I would like to have the full history of both machines online (and for remote purposes it should not make a difference if one or the other is connected.
(I have to prevent both from being connected, yet , in normal conditions, there is only one that is running with network acces.

How can I make what I want possible?


As long as only one is running at a time you should be able to come the UUID and secret files from one over to the other so both instances are the same.

to come the UUID and secret files from one over to the other
I assume you mean copy?

I thought I could not create my own UUID.

You are not casting your own uuid. You are copying the UUID from one to the other. It is the uuid that identifies you unique instance of OH when it connects to myopenhab.org. by only running one instance at a time and using the same uuid and secret as far as my openhab.org is concerned they are the same instance.

yes, yet that is a UUID that is not generated on that machine.
so for me it felt like I could not do that.
glad to know I can.

In that sense I would love to do the copy /creation with a config script I can use during install time.

I have now created a file that automatically copies the UUID and the secret file.
Maybe it’s an idea to have both as a optional field inside addons.cfg

This would be one thing I would really like to see - the ability to run two or more OpenHAB installations (for those with more than 1 location) and to also be able to use the iPhone app to control them.

for clarity: I’m not talking about 2 locations.
My use cqse is 2 machines in the same location , where one is the backup of the other.

Ah, got it. Are you trying to have one setup as a fail safe in case one goes down?

no. I want to safely upgrade .
So a new version I install on another machine, when that works, it becomes my main machine. If it does not work enough, I disconnect and I reconnect the old machine.