When channel ? callbakEvent was triggered (Telegram f.e.)

  • Platform information:
    • openHAB version:4.1

I am using Telegram wit “sendTelegramQuery” Yes,No stuff and get nice values (in log and BindingState) back

[INFO ] [openhab.event.ChannelTriggeredEvent ] - telegram:telegramBot:c45242eee4:callbackEvent triggered {“message_id”:405,“from”:“David null”,“chat_id”:51835260,“callback_id”:“3816340147898492”,“reply_id”:“waste”,“text”:“Ja”}

[INFO ] [openhab.event.ChannelTriggeredEvent ] - telegram:telegramBot:c45242eee4:callbackRawEvent triggered {“id”:“3816300147898492”,“from”:{“id”:51830660,“is_bot”:false,“first_name”:“David”,“username”:“RedBang”,“language_code”:“de”},“message”:{“message_id”:405,“from”:{“id”:51713009,“is_bot”:true,“first_name”:“XXXOpenHabBOT”,“username”:“xxxweg_bot”},“date”:1704833204,“chat”:{“id”:5183520660,“type”:“private”,“first_name”:“David”,“username”:“RedBang”},“text”:“Wurde die Restmülltonne rausgestellt?”,“reply_markup”:{“inline_keyboard”:[[{“text”:“Ja”,“callback_data”:“waste Ja”},{“text”:“Nein”,“callback_data”:“waste Nein”}]]}},“chat_instance”:“384440839467562”,“data”:“waste Ja”}

(Modified some Numbers to stay anonym)

Regarding my "reply_id":"waste","text":"Ja"

Is there something I can filter before starting the Scripts?

Specialy this Form “event” where I pastet “???” is totally iritating. (leaving it empty the rule will be triggered)

But What can I do with this?

Nice evenig :slight_smile:

I don’t use Telegram so can’t comment on that dude if things. but if you can’t filter them on the Telegram side if things, you can filter them on the rule side if things by adding a rule condition in the but only if section of the rule

If you are not using managed rules, you’ll add an if statement at the top of your rule to ignore messages you don’t care about.

At the telegram binding site at the bottom is a example of replyid item.
Use this for answering a query.

For sure I can imagine several options that will work.
But in the special case I want to know what this field is good for (in general)

the event on the channel to react on

makes no sense for me, because I start the Rule with a “Add trigger → When Thing Event”
So The whole Wizard is about “Event”
What to put in here and what might be the effect?

Thanks for your patience