When / How often are translations pulled from crowdin

The addon development documentation says that crowdin is being used for translations. So far so good.

One thing I could not find and answer to is, though, how often the translated strings are pulled form crowdin. I can see that there is an openhab-bot creating pull requests, where that one is being started, and how often, according to which rules translations are fetched, is still a mystery to me.

I’d be grateful for any pointers :slight_smile:

The job is run everyday.
Translations for a particular binding are considered only when all entries are translated and translations are validated.

Thank you. I’ll have to fully finish my translation of the tesla properties first then :slight_smile:

Do you happen do know who might be validating turkish?

No idea, I hope there is at least someone…

Oooooooookay, in which case, where do I apply and whom do I ask? The only other turkish translations, for ntp and astro bindings, were actually translated by myself :slight_smile: